composer and conductor Constantin ArvinteIt is not known to many people that there is a source for sheet music that offers more than 600 albums and single editions of varios music genres, Classical, Jazz, Easy Listening, Swiss and Rumanian Folklore. All pieces have a well designed piano or organ acompaniment. Some of the pieces are written for 2 or even 4 panflutes and some include a whole orchestra score. Most of those oeuvres has been created in coloaboration with the DAJOERI company (Jöri Murk) and the famous rumanian composer and conductor Constantin Arvinte.

All sheet music can be ordered through the DAJOERI Online Shop and will be shipped worldwide. If you plan a concert or need and idea for a wedding or Chistmas performance it is worth to check out the website.

To most people pan flute performances by a single artist are common. However multiple pan flute voices or what is also known as a "pan flute choir" is less frequently encountered. Countries such as the Netherlands, Swizterland, Germany, Austria, Romania and North Korea have known pan flute choirs and offer regular concerts. So if you are in a group of a few panflute players it might be time to start performing in a choir. If you have questions, post them in the Forum.

Sheet Music Excerpt

Music Constantin Arvinte

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